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A few years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, an often debilitating and quite painful condition affecting the nerves throughout the body.  In a matter of months, I went from an able-bodied, active person to one who struggled to get out of bed and walk from life-altering pain.

Seeking to find a way to relieve the chronic pain and inflammation that did not involve putting more and more synthetic medicine into my body with severe side effects, I began doing research into holistic options and discovered CBD oil/products. Long story short (I can give you the longer story one-on-one), I discovered an amazing organization offering two incredible products - CBD drops and CBD salve - made from the full-spectrum of the hemp plant and began using them.  They were game changers for me, and I am back to feeling more like myself!  (And no, you don't get high from CBD!)

And as the owner of over 30 animals, who are all growing older and beginning to ache or have health concerns throughout their bodies just like me, you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover that the same company's line of CBD drops was completely safe for dogs/cats!  I knew I had to check it out and see if it works for them - and it does!  And just like me, it has changed the quality of lives and given humans extra time with their furry friends that they might not have had otherwise!

Since then, we have had many 'Ohana Pet Paradise customers try the product out and swear by it and its amazing properties!  That's when I decided to become a distributor and sell the product here at 'Ohana Pet Paradise!  Because if there's one thing I definitely understand with our senior 'Ohana population, it's their pain!  

 And it is now my passion to help ease pain/inflammation and improve quality of life whenever possible!  That's where Zilis and their amazing CBD oil comes into play!

This chart shows the "full spectrum" cannabinoid properties of the cannabis plant and breaks out the benefits by type: 

Type 1:  CBD (hemp plant - does not get you "high")

Type 2:  THC (mind-altering)

We do NOT sell THC products - only hemp/cbd oil.

For Dogs & Cats,
as well as Humans: 
(lemon, berry, and NEW raw flavor)!                                       

If you have questions about cbd regarding recommended dosage, potential side effects, and pricing, don't hesitate to text/call at 540-359-2389!

To purchase any of these products, call/text at
540-359-2389 or email at [email protected]!

Human Use Only