At 'Ohana Pet Paradise, your furry friend's comfort, safety, and total peace-of-mind are our top priorities.  In addition, we believe that positive mental stimulation is also important, which is why we provide one-on-one breaks outside at least four times a day - at no additional cost!
Having 10+ acres of land in this part of the country provides lots of opportunities for our guests to enjoy nature surrounded by beautiful views!

While vacationing with us, 'Ohana guests enjoy a variety of activities, including private, one-on-one walks on the trails we've made around our property or on our quiet country road!

​We also have a 10,000 sq. ft., fenced-in play area for playing - complete with a variety of balls, frisbees, or toys you bring from home!

And sometimes, guests like to just hang out under a tree and sit and relax - we offer that, too!
Here at 'Ohana, we're pet lovers just like you!  We have dogs/cats of our own, as well as goats and alpacas, so when guests go on nature walks, they always get a kick out of meeting our furry family members!

And when it's possible, we're happy to have our doggies meet your doggies and become friends ... or one guest meet another guest!  After all, vacation is always better with friends!