Separation Anxiety/Related Stressors - Sometimes in new surroundings, a dog's digestive tract can become affected from the stress of owner separation or the introduction of new food, and symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, or even mild colitis can occur. To help prevent this and maintain the normal level of flora in your dog's stomach, we ask that owners bring their own food from home. Does this guarantee that diarrhea or colitis will not occur during your pet's stay? Unfortunately, no, but should any of these situations develop, we work with you and your vet to monitor the situation closely and quickly resolve it.* 

*Cans of Pedigree chicken/rice, plain pumpkin, containers of plain yogurt, and packets of Purina Vet Probiotic are kept on hand and given, when determined appropriate.

What to Pack?
It can be hard to believe, but pets act completely different in a boarding environment than they do at home.  They have to learn a temporary, new "normal" for their potty, playing, and eating schedules.  Because of this, we want to help make each dog or cat's experience away from home as relaxing and comfortable as possible, so we strongly encourage you to bring along your pet's bed, favorite stuffed toy, both edible and non-edible play toys (DO NOT bring any string toys), and even a favorite outside ball or toy to chase during play times!

Chewers (especially labs):
And if your dog has a tendency to chew, please, please, please - trust us - bring a wide variety of toys to keep in your pet's room!  Dogs get bored faster and easier than you think, and simply bringing one favorite toy, or one large favorite snack that you think will keep them busy over for several days, will NOT keep your dog stimulated, especially if he/she is staying with us for longer than five days!  

Trust us - Bring the extra treats and toys!!  

Your pocketbook will thank you when you arrive to check out with your dog and don't find room damage costs waiting to surprise you!  

Dog and cat boarding the way it should be!