Starting April 1, 2018, 'Ohana Pet Paradise is pleased to offer a fun way for your doggie to not only work on his/her socialization skills, but also spend a day on the farm!

Doggies are social creatures, and every now and then, they want to hang out with their friends - or meet new ones!  Doggie Daycare gives your furry friend the opportunity to not only interact with other dogs in a controlled environment which benefits their emotional, physical, and mental state of mind, but it also decreases their boredom and helps them learn social skills with other dogs, animals, and humans.  

So you no longer have to feel guilty about leaving your furry children alone all day, and when you pick them up, they are both ready for a nice, quiet evening!

Daycare visits may be purchased as either a half-day or full-day (packages are available) and do NOT include an overnight stay.  

Dog and cat boarding the way it should be!

Doggie "Day (on the farm) Care"
Daycare Times
'Ohana Pet Paradise offers doggie daycare on Monday - Friday from between the hours of 10AM and 6PM.  Space is limited, and all dogs are screened before being accepted into the daycare program.  This helps ensure that each dog plays in a friendly manner and gets along well with others.  Dogs are separated into play groups based on size and age, and playtime is rotated throughout the day.  
Once your dog has been accepted into our farm day program, you will be asked to select what days work best for your dog(s) to come play on the farm!  Please be aware that we will do our best to have other similar sized friends here for your doggie to play with during his/her farm visit; however, because our space is limited, this may not always be possible.

If this is the case, your doggie will still be given our one-on-one loving care, complete with play times in our play area, a free snack, nap time, and a fun walk on our nature trail (complete with visits to see our alpacas and goats)! 
​1 Half-Day                 $20 (One 4-hour block of time)

1 Full Day                   $35

Discount Packages:                                            Terms of Use:                                    
5-Visit Package          $165 ($33/per day)            5, 10, 20, and 30-Visit Packages may
10-Visit Package        $320 ($32/per day)            be used as full or 1/2 day visits.  
20-Visit Package        $600 ($30/per day)            Packages are only good (and must be
30-Visit Package        $840 ($28/per day)            used) within 90 days of purchase.

1 Month Unlimited Pass:  $500                           Good only for one calendar month
Doggie Musts ..
All doggies who participate in our Doggie "Day (on the farm) Care" Program must:

Be over a minimum of four months' old
Be spayed or neutered if over 7 months old
Be current on required vaccines: rabies, DHPP, and bordetella
Be free of any communicable diseases for 30 days
Be free of fleas and ticks

To get your doggie signed up for Daycare, give us a call at 540-347-9820 today!