From the overall fun island theme running throughout the facility to the individual lavender aromatherapy, personal fan, and full-sized fleece blanket for nighttime snuggling, each of the four private 'Ohana Standard Suites is lovingly designed with your doggie's total peace, comfort, and relaxation in mind!** 

'Ohana Standard Suite!
  (5'x8') - Dogs Only!
Sleeping Features - We are delighted to offer comfy, over-sized sleeper beds, providing the ultimate sleeping experience for all dogs - from puppies to adults to seniors with special needs. Of course, if you'd like to bring your own bedding, you're both welcomed and encouraged to do so.

'Ohana Executive Suite!
(30'x30') - Available for Both Dogs and/or Cats

This beautiful, newly-redesigned suite is both reasonably priced and offered as a private sleeping accommodation to dogs and/or cats - staying with us individually or as a family, and comes complete with a comfy daybed, television, ceiling fan, large window overlooking the front garden, beautiful new wood laminate flooring, radio, lavender aromatherapy, and multiple cuddling/sleeping options scattered around the room for dogs and/or cats!  (A climbing post, play tunnel, and cats toys are also in the suite when cats visit with us.)

To book a suite for your furry friend or family,
call 540-347-9820 today!

Perfect for:
* Any dog/cat owner wanting a private, spacious, relaxed, at-home setting for their pet(s') stay

* Any family of dog(s)/cat(s) wanting/needing to stay together in a home-style setting

* Any dog/cat requiring "special needs" care (i.e. epileptics, diabetics, etc.) in a private, quiet setting

* Any dog/cat staying for a lengthy duration of time (two or more weeks)

The Executive Suite is suitable for dogs who can climb stairs without difficulty (or who weigh less than 35 pounds and are comfortable being lifted), do not have destructive tendencies, and are potty-trained.

The Executive Suite can accommodate up to a family of four (small dogs) or two-three larger dogs. Final determination will depend on care required for dog(s).

Dog and cat boarding the way it should be!
Check Out Our New 'Ohana Junior Suite!
(10'x10') - Dogs Only!

We are thrilled to offer our beautiful new 'Ohana Junior Suite!  

Located on the same level as our 'Ohana Standard Suites, this exciting new space was lovingly designed to not only offer something perfect for families of multiple dog families (final number will depend on size of dogs) who wanted to spend their time away from home together, but also as a great option for senior dogs with arthritic/joint issues, those recovering from surgery, or even doggies with special needs (the door to the room measures 36" and can accommodate most doggie wheelchairs) - all without having to climb the flight of stairs required for the Executive Suite!    

At a size of approx. 10 x 10', our suite even allows access for outside walks by simply unlocking and raising our garage door, so guests can roll or walk right out to the outside garden area.**

The Junior Suite offers a comfy loveseat and/or doggie bed for snoozing, wood laminate flooring, soft blanket for cuddling, and indoor/outdoor carpeting!  

Bookings for this space fill up quickly, so be sure to get your reservations in early!